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Important Notices: 

Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus, we will be holding virtual online Board and Fining Committee meetings until further notice.  Please click on meeting notice at bottom of this page prior to the meeting with complete information on how you may attend.

BUILDING INSPECTIONS - The association is currently inspecting buildings to determine all necessary repairs that unit owners will need to complete before the painting process can take place.  (for questions involving inspections please call 305-821-7668

Greetings Neighbors, we are reaching out today to inform the membership of Fairway Townhouses #1 of the future work and the procedures for which this work will be carried out. As was mentioned in last month’s Memo, we have reviewed several bids and have hired a painting company to repaint the buildings. The Painting Company is Brite Painting and we will be using Sherwin Williams Paint. The project comes with a 10-year paint warranty. Once we begin this project it should take about 3 weeks to complete weather permitting. You will be notified in advance when we will start painting your building.

What is covered? Our contract states that facia boards that are rotted and need to be replaced will be done so by the paint contractor at no extra charge. They will also fix any cracks and repair stucco. If your balcony is screened-in, we ask that you remove a screen panel so the painters may enter. The courtyards will also be painted but not the ceiling in the carport. While painting your building we ask that you park your cars across the street to avoid any damage to your vehicles.

The next step is choosing the colors. The association would like your involvement. We are presently conducting a survey for color combinations on CCMFTA1.org. The first color survey is on the website and will be closing soon. We will then narrow down the color selections and have a final ballot. After the colors are chosen the painting company will paint some swatches on a building for our final approval.

Once the painting is completed, we will be replacing the front wall lights. This will also need your involvement and will be voted on by survey on the website once we settle on the color scheme. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the electricity is in working order prior to the light replacement. The colors and light selections will be posted on the bulletin board/website for reference.

 The association is required to prep for the upcoming painting project by ensuring that there are no obstructions close to the walls to be painted. We hired a landscaping company that came out on Thursday, July 16th to clear any obstructions. The HOA has a budget for landscaping after the painting project is completed.

Once we finish the painting and replacing the wall lights, we will be resurfacing the parking lot. This may be done all in one day or over three days. We have several bids already and are close to making a final decision. This will also require everyone to park their vehicles across the street. You will receive a notice prior to commencement. All vehicles left in the parking lot will be towed at the owners’ expense.

The HOA has seen homeowners doing work on their property without permits and without the approval of the HOA. If you are making changes you may be fined by the county and the HOA. Please contact the management company before making any changes to your unit.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I think its long overdue. We thank you in advance for your patience and all your help in making sure these projects are completed with the best outcome possible.


Police Explorer Program

Explorer Program is open to 14-18 years old students. The Police Explorer Program is one of many efforts undertaken by the Miami-Dade Police Department to building better relations with the community we protect and serve. Young people who enroll in the program, through ride-alongs with police officers and attachments in different bureaus and sections of the Department, get to experience several aspects of law enforcement operations. It has been the experience of those who administer the program, that this unique exposure to our operations, builds among the young participants, an awareness to the complexities and rewards of this area of public service. It opens their minds to the possibility that in choosing a career, this is one way in which they can serve their communities. For additional information, please call the Police Explorer Advisors Officer L. Casas at 305-698-1469 or Officer J. Gross at 305-698-1464. Interested? We want to hear from you!